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Welcome to the world of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP). Since 1979, ESCP has been promoting the profession of Clinical Pharmacy. ESCP represents clinical pharmacists and others who are interested in clinical pharmacy and in developing clinical pharmacy throughout Europe.

Clinical pharmacy is a tool for better use of medicines, better health outcomes and a better use of health care resources. ESCP contributes by arranging symposia, workshops, Master classes, Patient-centered Teaching Courses, etc. ESCP-members can exchange knowledge and experience in the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).Come and join us at our future symposia, workshops, and other activities.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Cecilia Bernesten and Siska Desplenter


On behalf of ESCP – European Society of Clinical Pharmacy – and SIFO – Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and Territorial Pharmacy Services – we are pleased to invite you to the International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacy in Palermo (May 22nd - 23rd,2014). The theme of the workshop is:


The European health services must ensure the healthcare, but above all the quality of provided medical care, that is accessibility, appropriateness, competence, continuity and efficacy. This becomes possible if there is a comparison between the different experiences, resulting in introduction of changes in consolidated care delivery and with results verification.

The International Workshop will provide a variety of plenary lectures alternating with workshop on different themes related to therapy and patient safety. The topics of the plenary lectures will be: transplants therapy, cancer therapy, medication reconciliation and patient safety and patient adherence.

We invite pharmacists and other health care professionals to share their experiences and ideas on improving the safe transition of pharmacotherapy. Patients rightly expect the best possible quality of care from their health service, and we all have a responsibility to work together to ensure that the patient experience is the best it can be.

The workshop will take place at the Grande Hotels des Palmes, a unique and historical venue with a charming atmosphere.

The congress venue is near the city centre where a bus line service can reach tourist areas and rich in history.

Franciska Desplenter - ESCP President

Piera Polidori - SIFO Scientific Director, President of the Workshop



The main scientific event of ESCP is the Annual European Symposium that it takes place each year in the autumn in one of the principal European cities.

ESCP hosts its 43rdSymposium, in Copenhagen, Denmark, 22-24 October 2014.

Theme of the symposium: 

"Patient Safety - Bridging the Gaps". 

Piera Polidori (11.04.2013)

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