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Welcome to the world of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP). Since 1979, ESCP has been promoting the profession of Clinical Pharmacy. ESCP represents clinical pharmacists and others who are interested in clinical pharmacy and in developing clinical pharmacy throughout Europe.

Clinical pharmacy is a tool for better use of medicines, better health outcomes and a better use of health care resources. ESCP contributes by arranging symposia, workshops, Master classes, Patient-centered Teaching Courses, etc. ESCP-members can exchange knowledge and experience in the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).Come and join us at our future symposia, workshops, and other activities.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Siska Desplenter - ESCP President.


On behalf of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy,

we proudly invite you to participate in the 43rd ESCP symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 22-24, 2014.

The main theme of the symposium is:

"Patient Safety – Bridging the Gaps"



Denmark has a strong tradition in the area of patient safety, and focus on this area has been particular extensive during the past decade. Pharmacists and clinical pharmacy have made a difference by bridging the primary and secondary care.Both medication review and -reconciliation have proven effective in preventing harm in patients.

In order to develop and share work and ideas within patient safety, a very close collaboration between practice and academia is necessary. Practice must adapt and implement the findings – that can improve patient safety – and academia must supply new scientific results and, more importantly, new theories and methods to address the comprehensive and complex work necessary to improve patient safety.

Pharmacists are strong players in the field of patient safety – but we cannot and shall not work alone. The pharmacist has traditionally taken the task of controlling and correcting other healthcare professionals. The future calls for sharing and sparring instead, mainly with fellow healthcare professionals, but also with patients.

We hope that you will join us in Copenhagen and contribute to the discussions on how to bridge the present gaps in clinical pharmacy in order to improve patient safety.

Piera Polidori (28.05.2014)

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