Medicine Information

What does this SIG stand for ?

Medicine Information can be defined as the provision of unbiased, evidence-based and critically evaluated information about medicines, in an attempt to improve patient care.

The aim of this SIG is to provide an interactive forum to share medicine information sources which are valuable, reliable and preferably freely available. 

The Medicine Information SIG is open to all pharmacists interested in this area of clinical pharmacy practice.

Who is chairing this SIG ? 

Chair of SIG, elected October 2006:

Yolande Hanssens, RPh, FESCP, Pharmacy Supervisor & Clinical Pharmacist of the liver transplant team, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar.

To contact the SIG Medicine Information, use the contact form with SIG Medicine Information in the object line.  

What did the SIG already do ? *

The SIG-MI contributes to the annual symposium by providing Workshops1, presentations in the Hot Topic session2, supporting the Scientific Committee, networking with attendees etc.

The SIG-MI deals occasionally with “sophisticated” questions from members. These questions are mostly related to specific patient situations for which no straight forward information is available.

The SIG-MI welcomes suggestions from its members to elaborate its role and contributions within ESCP and beyond.

*List of workshops since October 2007 

  • Peer review in science: why, what, how & who. Belfast, October 2018
  • How to select a cost-effective treatment in your daily work? Heidelberg, October 2017
  • How can we optimize clinical pharmacy efficiency with limited resources, Oslo, October 2016
  • Evidence Based Practice: How providing an accurate answer to a clinical question within 10 minutes, Lisbon, October 2015
  • Medication Use in Pregnant & Breastfeeding Women, Copenhagen, October 2014
  • Drug dosing in special patient populations, Prague, October 2013
  • Adverse Drug Reactions - Applying Theory to Clinical Practice, Barcelona, October 2012
  • Evidence Based Practice. How to apply available information to a geriatric population, Dublin, October 2011
  • Evidence Based Practice: finding the best evidence in 5 minutes, Lyon, October 2010
  • Evidence-based medicine - How do we apply literature data to a geriatric population, Geneva, November 2009
  • Vital role of the clinical pharmacist in the management of adverse drug reactions, Dubrovnik, October 2008
  • Medicine administration to patients with feeding tubes & swallowing problems, Istanbul, October 2007

*Pharmacotherapy Update

  • Mutiple Sclerosis, Heidelberg, October 2017

*Presentations during “Hot Topic” sessions

  • Usefulness of Medicine Information sources at the Point of Care, Prague, October 2013
  • Striking stories since October 2011, Barcelona, October 2012
  • Striking stories during 2011, Dublin, October 2011
  • Striking stories during 2010, Lyon, October 2010 
  • Point-of-Care resources from a global perspective. What are practitioners using successfully? Orlando, April 2009 (Joint symposium with ACCP)
* Only Members have access to pdf files of activities listed above (e.g. Lisbon 2015). If you are a member, click here. 

Where can you read more about Medicine Information ? 

There is plenty of medicine information on the web. Because its reliability is quite variable, we only give a limited number of links of freely available and reputable websites.

Future activities of the SIG

The SIG Medicine Information will organize a Workshop during the 49th ESCP Symposium in Lisbon; the topic will be announced via the ESCP website. 

Suggestions from members as well as topics for discussion are always welcome. 



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