ESCP Research Grant 2016 winners publish their study


ESCP Research Grant 2016 winners publish their study

The ESCP research grant winners from 2016 have just published their study in PLos One1. This collaborative work, which involved researchers from the UK, Ireland and Malta, was a systematic review of the methodological approaches used to assess clinical outcomes of pharmacy-based management of minor ailments. 

The team extracted methodological data from 19 studies which evaluated clinical outcomes of pharmacy minor ailments management. The main finding was that the methodology quality of studies assessing clinical outcomes was generally poor. There were particular issues around the lack of evidence based clinical outcome measures, lack of consideration of the validation of data collection tools and study duration.

Place greater emphasis on appropriate and valid measures of clinical outcomes

Dr Vibhu Paudyal, the principal investigator added, “The findings suggest the need to develop a validated core outcome sets for use in evaluation of minor ailment services delivered in community pharmacies. Despite the expertise of pharmacists and their teams in the management of minor ailments, many individuals still elect to visit physicians and emergency care for treatment, which consumes vast resources. The findings of this systematic review will enable future research to place greater emphasis on appropriate and valid measures of clinical outcomes hence generating high quality evidence to inform services redesign.

Great example of international collaboration

Professor Derek Stewart, chair of the ESCP Research Committee added, “We are delighted to see this important study published. This is a great example of international collaboration leading to the submission of a high quality research grant leading to the conduct of an excellent piece of work. Hopefully, the team will continue their research in this field. The winners of the ESCP Research grant 2018 will be announced at the ESCP symposium in Belfast.”

The paper is available here for open access and free download.


  • 1. Paudyal V, Cunningham S, Gibson Smith K, MacLure K, Ryan C, Cordina M (2018). Methodological considerations in clinical outcomes assessment of pharmacy-based minor ailments management: A systematic review. PLoS ONE 13 (10): e0205087.

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