Examples of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy Services for COVID19 patients

The European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP) and the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) announce a call for examples of Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy Services for COVID19 patients valuable to share. Summarize your activities in a 2-3 minute self-made video to be shared online with your colleagues across Europe.


In the last 2 months thousands of clinical- and hospital pharmacists have spent lots of energy to realize clinical care services in hospitals, community pharmacies and other pharmaceutical areas:

  • For COVID19 patients: for example pharmaceutical care services on COVID19-departments, research to improve COVID19 pharmaceutical care and/or drug surveillance on COVID19-drugs, as well as making available the much needed drugs;
  • In a new COIVD19 society: for example 1,5-2 meter distance pharmaceutical care, strategies to reduce drug shortages, pharmacy-at-home services.

We, as EAHP and ESCP, believe that there are plenty of interesting activities done by hospital pharmacies and clinical pharmacy services, which can help other colleagues. These activities should not per definition be very complex or innovative. All activities which brings new ideas to clinical and hospital pharmacy can be helpful! The EAHP and the ESCP will collect these initiatives and share them online with other pharmacists. With these videos you can inform and inspire colleagues across Europe!

What do we ask from you?

Please, make a short 2-3 minute video (or a recorded PowerPoint presentation) presenting your pharmacy activity for COVID19 patients. Realize, this is a low-threshold call. The more examples of clinical/hospital pharmacy activities we have the more we can share. They should be very practical and are not meant as scientific publications, although research examples are welcomed as well.

Wat will it bring to you?

First of all, with your short video, you can help your colleagues. We, as pharmacists, have a lot of challenges in COVID-care in common. So let’s avoid to reinvent wheels. Furthermore, we will publish almost every video as long as it fulfills ethical, privacy, non-commercial and minimum graphical quality standards. So, your initiative will be spread throughout Europe. Some initiatives will be selected. The pharmacists that have submitted the selected videos will be invited to share more details about their clinical pharmacy services during a webinar which will be planned in October.

Timelines and practicalities

  1. Please make a short 2-3 minute video illustrating your clinical or hospital pharmacy activity for COVID19-patients or in COVID-times. A recorded PowerPoint presentation or a recorded abstract is also possible. Again, don’t make the video too complicated. The main purpose is that you share your pharmacy activity with your colleagues.
  2. Send this movie before the 15th of June by we-transfer (https://wetransfer.com/) to


    . Please mention the contact person, your institution and a short description of the clinical pharmacy intervention in an accompanying message. Even after the 15th of June, videos are still welcome. However, these videos will not be uploaded and presented in the first launch, but afterwards.

  3. After a short check on ethical, privacy and minimum graphical requirements the first videos will be published on the 29th of June.

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