FESCP 2010

FESCP Plaque

Based on the nominations received until the dead-line 31 March 2010, the General Committee (GC) of the ESCP decided on four additional members to be recognized as ESCP Fellows. The awardees received both a certificate and a plaque (photo).

ESCP Fellowship is awarded in recognition of continued excellence in clinical pharmacy practice and/or research, contribution to the advancement of clinical pharmacy, preferably in Europe, and services for ESCP.

The following colleagues have been awarded on 21 October 2010 during the opening ceremony at the recent ESCP symposium in Lyon.

Erik Gerbrands PharmD, Co-owner of It Krúswâld Pharmacy Buitenpost, The Netherlands.

Prof. Dr. Gert Laekeman, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Katholieke University of Leuven, Belgium.

Prof. Dr. Bert Leufkens, Department of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacotherapy, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.


Francesca Venturini PharmD, MSc, Department of Pharmacy, University Hospital of Verona, Italy.

FESCP 2010

Photo : (c) Johnny Beney

From left to right : Frank Jorgensen (ESCP President), Erik Gerbrands, Francesca Venturini, 

Gert Laekeman, Bert Leufkens, Martin Schulz (GC committee member)



Congratulations to 2010 ESCP Fellows!

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