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Based on the nominations received until the dead-line 31 March 2016, the General Committee (GC) of the ESCP decided on two additional members to be recognized as ESCP Fellows. The awardees received both a certificate and a plaque (photo). Both were present at the ESCP Symposium in Oslo.

The ESCP Fellowship is awarded in recognition of continued excellence in clinical pharmacy practice and/or research, contribution to the advancement of clinical pharmacy, preferably in Europe, and services for ESCP.

Marcel Bouvy

Marcel Bouvy

Marcel Bouvy has been an active community pharmacist since 1992 and is research manager at SIR institute for Pharmacy Practice and Policy in Leiden which closely cooperates with Utrecht University where he is professor of pharmaceutical care. Marcel has been a frequent visitor of ESCP conferences for almost 20 years in which he co-authored over 50 scientific abstracts and presented numerous times. He is active in several national and international committees and platforms aiming to improve the safe and effective use of medicines.

He is past president of the Scientific Section of Dutch Community Pharmacists (WSO), founding member of the European Society for Patient Adherence, Compliance and Persistence (ESPACOMP) and member of the editorial board of the International Journal for Pharmacy Practice. His research activities focus on patient adherence, medication safety and include both observational work and evaluation of innovative pharmacy interventions. Marcel is (co-)author of >200 papers in peer reviewed and national journals, both professional and consumer oriented book (chapters) on medicines and research reports.

For ESCP he has contributed with numerous workshops, and in 2016 he gave a Masterclass on qualitative research methods. Marcel is presently a member of the Research committee in ESCP.

Anne Gilchrist

Anne Gilchrist

Anne Gilchrist has always had a special interest in the prescribing of medicines. She studied Pharmacy at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and then completed a Masters in Clinical Pharmacology at Aberdeen University, having been awarded a Carnegie Trust Postgraduate Scholarship. She also has a Practice Certificate in Pharmacist Supplementary Prescribing from Strathclyde University in Glasgow.

Anne is a Lead Pharmacist with the NHS Lothian Medicines Management Team, based in Edinburgh, responsible for the managing the Lothian Joint Formulary. This small and dedicated team coordinates a multiprofessional approach to medicines management and promotes high quality, evidence-based and cost effective prescribing. Previous roles include working in London for a medical publication, and as a clinical pharmacist. 

She is an enthusiastic and active member of the European Society of Clinical Pharmacy, and currently Chair of the Primary and Integrated Care Special Interest Group, having been nominated at the conference in Vilnius in May 2006. She was the editor of the ESCP newsletter from 1999 to 2001.

She has presented and coordinated many oral communications, posters and lectures and facilitated workshops at numerous ESCP conferences, and supported and encouraged colleagues to engage with the work of the ESCP.

The ESCP General Committee is proud to award the ESCP Fellowship to Marcel Bouvy and Anne Gilchrist in recognition of outstanding efforts to promote clinical pharmacy practice and research. We thank both award winners for their contribution to ESCP.

Anne Gerd Granas, Chair of the Fellow of ESCP committee

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