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Every year, ESCP awards the fellowship to members of our society who have made a sustained contribution to ESCP and have demonstrated continued excellence in clinical pharmacy practice and/or research. 

This year, the general committee has received 3 nominations and all nominations were accepted. However, only two new fellows were awarded in Heidelberg, because the third person could not join us and it was her wish that we postpone announcing the award to next year.

The ESCP Fellowship is awarded in recognition of continued excellence in clinical pharmacy practice and/or research, contribution to the advancement of clinical pharmacy, preferably in Europe, and services for ESCP.

Mikael Daouphars

Mikael has developed and delivered Clinical Pharmacy services since 1995. He has a special interest in cancer care with a particular focus on  patient education and oral chemotherapy and he currently leads a regional project on patient education & oral chemotherapy supported by the French National Cancer Institute. Mikael has been active in ESCP since 2006. He has regularly led workshops at ESCP conferences and he has acted as SIG leader and SIG counsel chair for a number of years. 


Siska Desplenter

Since Siska qualified as a pharmacist in 1999, she has contributed to the development, delivery and evaluation of clinical pharmacy services at national level in Belgium and during her postdoctoral work also in Scotland and Finland. She has a particular interest in psychiatry and is currently the head of pharmacy at the University Psychiatric Hospital in Leuven. Siska has been a member of the ESCP general committee between 2009 and 2015, and first served as vice president and treasurer before she became president of ESCP in 2012. Siska, thank you very much for your commitment and passion you have shown to both Clinical Pharmacy and our society over the years. 

Congratulations to both Siska and Mikael for their commitment to our cause, their great work in Clinical Pharmacy and their long lasting contributions to ESCP.

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