General Committee (GC)

The Society is governed by a General Committee (GC). General Committee members are elected by the Society's members. They represent individual countries or, where appropriate, groups of countries. The General Committee meets twice a year.

The President, Vice-president, Past President, RESP Chair and Treasurer of the General Committee shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Society. The immediate Past President shall be a member of the General Committee and the Executive Committee for one year after termination of his presidency. 


Dr Bart Van den Bemt's picture
Dr. Bart Van Den Bemt

pharmacist at Maartenskliniek, Netherlands

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Committee members

Pr Hege Salvesen Blix's picture
Dr. Hege Salvesen Blix
Senior researcher/Professor at Norwegian Institute of Public Health/ School of Pharmacy University of Oslo, Norway

GC member

Olivier Bourdon's picture
Pr. Olivier Bourdon
Pharmacist at Faculté de Pharmacie Université Paris Descartes, France
Dr Monika Lutters's picture
Dr. Monika Lutters
assistant head of pharmacy at Kantonsspital Baden, Switzerland

GC and ResCom

sdaniela2000_589's picture
Dr. Daniela Scala
Hospital pharmacist at CARDARELLI HOSPITAL, Italy

ComCom member, responsible for social media

Stephane.Steurbaut_903's picture
Pr. Stephane Steurbaut
Assistant professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, UZ Brussel, Belgium

Secretary of ESCP, GC and EdCom member

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