How to join ESCP ?

Becoming a member of ESCP is quick and easy. Follow the 3 simple steps outlined below:

1) Verify your eligibility

2) Choose your membership category & view the fee structure

3) Join

1) Eligibility & Guidelines

Membership is open to clinical pharmacists, educators, researchers and other healthcare professionals who work in any of the following environments: community, hospital, academic, authority, industry or any other healthcare setting. Pharmacy students and sponsor companies are also eligible to become members of ESCP. Only full (Ordinary and Honorary) members have the right to vote.

Membership is valid for one full calendar year (1 January - 31 December) irrespective of the month in which you join the Society. Application for membership is accepted up to 31 October of the current year: membership for applications received after that date will become effective as of the following calendar year. From the moment you are a member, you have access to the ESCP Journal (IJCP *) on-line, including the back-dated issues.

* IJCP - International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy was called Pharmacy World & Science till 2010. 

2) Category & Fees

Ordinary Members:

Iindividuals who are actively involved in pursuing the objectives of the Society

  • 90 Euro per year full membership 
  • 230 Euro per 3 years full membership 
  • 360 Euro per 5 years full membership 

Joint Members:

Individuals who are members of an affiliated ESCP association.

Currently members of La Société Française de Pharmacie Clinique (SFPC) or the Società Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera (SIFO) may become Joint Members of SFPC/SIFO and ESCP. Individuals must join their respective national ESCP affiliated association.

Student Members:

Individual students or educational institutes.

Fee : 25 Euro per year.
Note: student membership does not include a subscription to IJCP * or voting power within the Society - A copy of a valid student ID must be sent by Email to
* IJCP - International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy was called Pharmacy World & Science till 2010. 

Honorary Members:

Individual who have distinguished themselves in a particularly honourable way towards the Society.

Fee: Complimentary, at the discretion, and majority vote, of the General Committee and only open to long-standing, serving members of ESCP.

Sponsors or Patrons:

Individuals or companies who have expressed their willingness to support the Society financially.

Fee: A company becomes a member of ESCP as part of an overall partnership or sponsorship package.
Note: sponsors or patrons are not entitled to vote and may not be appointed to a seat on any ESCP committee.

3) Join

Choose your membership and pay on-line by credit card. Ordinary members can get immediate acces to the member part of our website after payment of their membership due. Even in case of online subscription, student members must fax or e-mail a copy of a valid student ID to the ESCP International Office in order to get access to the members' part of our website.


Download the PDF application Form and mail it back to the International Office.

Note: only Ordinary and Student Members may apply via the Application Form.

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