Medication Adherence

What does this SIG stand for?

The World Health Organization defined medication adherence as ‘the extent to which a person’s behaviour in taking medication corresponds with agreed recommendations from a health care provider’ (WHO, Adherence to long-term therapies: evidence for action. 2003).

The aim of this SIG is to provide an interactive forum for anyone specifically interested in medication adherence. As such the SIG will provide its members with sources on medication adherence which are valuable, reliable and preferably freely available. Additionally, the SIG members consort and inform each other on the subject of medication adherence. 

The Medication Adherence SIG is open to all clinical pharmacists interested in this area of clinical pharmacy practice.

Who is chairing this SIG? 

Chair of SIG, elected October 2018: Bart Pouls, PhD student at the Sint Maartenskliniek Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

To contact the SIG Integrated Primary Care, use the contact form with SIG Integrated Primary Care in the object line.

Where can you read more about Medication Adherence ? 

There is plenty of medicine information on the web. Because its reliability is quite variable, we only give a limited number of links of freely available and reputable websites.

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