What does this Special Interest Group Pharmacoeconomics stands for?

The discipline of pharmacoeconomics combines cost and effect components of care in order to make the most optimal care decisions both on a macro-economic (societal) as well as on a micro-economic (patient-centered) level.

The Special Interest Group of Pharmacoeconomics of ESCP is built upon the following ideas:

  • awareness of the fact that pharmacoeconomics is choosing the best health care option - which is not always the cheapest one - leaving less favorable options in the closet
  • thinking with a critical pharmacoeconomic mood:  “if the effort is not in balance with the output, then we should rethink the strategy”
  • pharmacoeconomics is a way to restructure treatment choices, both looking at cost and effect of a given treatment
  • convincing others of the cost-effectiveness of clinical pharmacy.     

Who is chairing this SIG ? 

Chair of SIG, elected October 2016: Barbara Claus, clinical pharmacist at Ghent University Hospital, and professor pharmacoeconomics at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ghent, Belgium. 

A SIG-PE intro presentation was held in Heidelberg 2017

What did the SIG already do ?

The SIG-PE contributes to the annual symposium by providing Workshops, by supporting the Scientific Committee, by networking with attendees etc.

The SIG-PE welcomes suggestions from its members to elaborate its role and contributions within ESCP and beyond. Often workshops are organized together with other SIGs. Previous workshops were organized in cooperation with SIG Medicines Information.

List of workshops since 2010

  • 2018 Belfast: Efficiency of clinical pharmacy activities in older persons
  • 2017 Heidelberg: How to select a cost-effective treatment in your daily work
  • 2016 Oslo: How can we optimize clinical pharmacy efficiency with limited resources
  • 2015 Lisbon:  How providing an accurate answer to a clinical question within 10 minutes
  • 2010 Lyon:  Finding the best evidence in 5 minutes

Plenary lecture

  • 2015 Lisbon: plenary: where health economics meet clinical pharmacy

What are the future plans of this SIG?

Providing assistance in selecting plenary speakers for the upcoming Lisbon conference (October 2020)

Assisting workshop moderators of the October's conference if their topic matches with economics





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