Pharmacoepidemiology and clinical pharmacy

Pharmacoepidemiology is the discipline at the intersection of clinical pharmacology and epidemiology. The distribution and determinants of drug-related events in populations are investigated and this knowledge is applied to achieve safe and efficacious treatment. Rational pharmacotherapy and medication safety are central aspects in healthcare practice and these are also important objectives of clinical pharmacy. The evidence for supporting safe and efficacious treatment comes from clinical trials and pharmacoepidemiological studies. Pharmacoepidemiological knowledge is important for clinical pharmacist to guide evidence based treatment selection and evaluation.

What are the objectives of the SIG Pharmacoepidemiology?

The objectives of this SIG are:

  • to exchange knowledge and expertise about pharmacoepidemiology
  • to discuss current and future research in pharmacoepidemiology
  • to provide a discussion forum to initiate collaboration
  • to organise expert meetings and interactive workshops regarding pharmacoepidemiology

By participation in this SIG you will benefit from existing knowledge and experience in the field of pharmacoepidemiology, and be able to share your own knowledge and experience with international colleagues.

Who can participate?

All professionals interested in pharmacoepidemiology can participate in this SIG with the purpose to share existing knowledge and expertise.

Interested in pharmacoepidemiology? Join the SIG

You are invited to join the SIG. If you want to be informed about future activities or if you are interested to join the SIG Pharmacoepidemiology, please send an e-mail to

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