Abstract Categories

ESCP knows three types of abstracts: research abstracts, descriptive abstracts and abstracts for encore presentation.

  1. Research abstract: Submissions must describe original research in outcomes, therapeutics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacokinetics or pharmacoeconomics. In vitro and animal research will only be considered if there is relevance to clinical pharmacy practice. Submissions will be evaluated on originality and innovation, hypothesis and clarity of objectives and outcomes, study design, interpretation of results and conclusions.
  2. Descriptive abstract: Submissions must describe original, new or adapted methodologies in the field of clinical pharmacy or statistical evaluations Or the development of innovative clinical pharmacy practices, services or software Or the implementation of innovative educational (e.g. teaching/learning techniques, curricula) programmes in both the academic as well as practice setting. Presentation of results is desirable. data, including outcomes, can also be supplied to illustrate the methodology.
  3. Encore presentations: The abstracts of work that has been presented elsewhere, may be accepted for an ESCP conference if the reviewers deem the work of real importance to the clinical pharmacy community. Such submissions can be accepted for poster presentation only.

Abstract Guidelines

A well written abstract will help present the quality of the work to reviewers and the audience.
An abstract not well written may result in the work not being accepted for presentation.

  • The abstract must convey the important information, which will eventually be contained in the full paper or presentation.
  • The abstract must be intelligible and understandable when read (i.e. precision, clarity and rigour).
  • The abstract must be written in proper and understandable English in the appropriate format.
  • Before printing or typing the abstract make sure that you do not exceed the number of words permitted (350 words).
  • A structured abstract should not include figures or tables.
  • A possible conflict of interest (e.g. through involvement with a pharmaceutical company) should be clearly stated in the abstract and the poster or presentation.
  • If the material was presented or published elsewhere prior to the meeting, this should be indicated clearly in the appropriate field in the submission, and later also mentioned on the poster.

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