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ESCP research committee publish their pan-European study on the impact of COVID-19 on clinical pharmacy services

ESCP research committee have published their study on the impact of COVID-19 on clinical pharmacy services during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study findings, published in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy showed that pharmacists were adopting a range of innovative measures to protect patients, public and healthcare staff against virus transmission, and mitigate the adverse impact on public and healthcare systems and improve health outcomes of those affected.

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ESCP Research Grant 2018 awarded

Every two years, ESCP awards a research grant which aims to allow the recipients to undertake research that has the potential to advance clinical pharmacy in Europe. The grant is open to all ESCP members and affiliated with organisations based in Europe. The ESCP research grant for 2018 was awarded to a submission led by Dr Katie MacLure of Robert Gordon University (RGU) Scotland, with co-applicants in Scotland, Greece and Ireland.

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ESCP Research Grant 2016 winners publish their study

The ESCP research grant winners from 2016 have just published their study in PLos One. This collaborative work, which involved researchers from the UK, Ireland and Malta, was a systematic review of the methodological approaches used to assess clinical outcomes of pharmacy-based management of minor ailments. The main finding was that the methodology quality of studies assessing clinical outcomes was generally poor.

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Readmission to primary care: the role of community pharmacists post-discharge

Receiving care in multiple health care settings often means that patients obtain medication from different prescribers. Unfortunately, medication information is often poorly documented and poorly transferred between health care settings which introduces the risk on drug-related problems (DRPs). Previous studies often focused at medication incongruities at hospital admission. This thesis aimed to disentangle the problems with continuity of care at time of readmission to primary care and to investigate the role of the community pharmacist within this process.

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How to create a pharmacy service?

Current challenges in pharmacy practice include the normalisation of pharmacy services into routine healthcare practice. Existing frameworks for health program planning provide robust guidelines for developing, implementing and evaluating health interventions and services and so can help to overcome existing challenges. Pharmacy services are integrated into complex systems in which a number of organisations and individuals, at different levels, take part and interact. Understanding the system and how contributors, activities and settings influence and interact with each other, facilitates the identification of potential circumstances and factors that may reinforce or hinder the implementation and/or the effect of any intervention. This article was first published in the ESCP News Nr. 176 (08.2016)

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