WS11: TDM made easy by using an app on the smartphone

Maja Petre, University Medical Center Maribor, Slovenia
Maja Cvikl, University Medical Center Maribor, Slovenia


For drugs with narrow therapeutic index, where direct correlation between drug plasma concentration and response or side effects exists, an individualization of drug dosing can be made with therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). Pharmacist-guided TDM service is becoming more recognized and requires knowledge of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug, as well as the detailed information of past drug regimen, timing of past doses, blood sampling time and patient clinical status.

Target audience:

The aim of the workshop is to demonstrate how to make a recommendation about dosing adjustment of four drugs with narrow therapeutic index (vancomycin, gentamicin, valproate and digoxin) from measured plasma concentration by using an app on the smartphone. We will also point out all the valuable information for good interpretation of plasma level.

Learning Objectives:

The participants will learn about different pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics parameters that predict treatment efficacy and safety. They will be able to work with a simple, user-friendly software (DoseMe®) which we use in every day clinical practice. They will be able to interpret drug blood concentrations and prepare a recommendation on dosing adjustments and timing of the next sample. They will be able to recognize risk factors that affect serum drug concentrations and to recognize the important role of clinical pharmacist in TDM.

Content and Structure:

Introduction and explanation of the aim of workshop, review and short instructions on how to use DoseMe® software (15 minutes).
Case studies in small groups for each drug:
• Moderator: basics of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a drug (desired blood levels, sampling time…) and short case presentation (5 minutes);
• Groups (5-6 participants): With the help of software the groups will prepare the dosing recommendation and timing of the next blood sample (10 minutes);
• Presentation of group recommendations. Feedback and general discussion between groups (5 minutes).
It is a plan to go through 5-6 clinical cases altogether with extra cases prepared if there is same extra time left.
Wrap up (5 minutes).

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