WS12: The monitoring of psychotropic drug use in (institutionalized) older patients.

Jurriaan Brouwer, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Wilhelmina Hospital Assen, Assen, The Netherlands


Institutionalized older patients often use psychotropic drugs. These drugs are associated with considerable adverse effects and limited efficacy. Increased mortality has been reported in older patients using psychotropic drugs, which is caused by several factors, including psychotropic drug-induced somatic adverse effects, complications and overall vulnerability. In order to prevent psychotropic drug-induced complications, monitoring of essential somatic parameters as part of routine clinical practice is needed.
Although established guidelines are available, little or no specific recommendation is present regarding monitoring of (institutionalized) older patients.

Target audience:

The main aim is that participants will learn the opportunities and pitfalls regarding the monitoring of adverse effects of psychotropic drugs in (institutionalized) older patients. In addittion, participants will discuss with each other what they think monitoring in this population should include via the Monitoring Game.

Learning Objectives:

After the workshop participants know:
- what the importance is of monitoring during psychotropic drug use.
- which parameters are of importance before and during psychotropic drug use.
- important considerations of the pratical implementation of monitoring.

Content and Structure:

The workshop will start with a Powerpoint presentation including several aspects such as some case studies of older patients using psychotropic drugs. During these case studies, certain scenarios will come to pass. Participants will be asked to actively contribute and appoint the right scenario.
Following the presentation, participants will participate in the Monitoring Game. During this game, participants will work in groups to establish a monitoring protocol. Afterwards, each group will present their protocol and this will be discussed.

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