WS13: How to successfully choose adherence interventions to implement in daily practice

Charlotte Bekker, Postdoc Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Bart Pouls, PhD student, Sint Maartenskliniek, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Liset van Dijk, Professor of Pharmacy Health Services Research, Netherlands institute for health services research, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Low medication adherence is still one of the major challenges in optimising pharmacotherapy. Research on adherence interventions is substantial and can be overwhelming when searching for a suitable intervention for your patient(s). This workshop is for clinical pharmacists, researchers and others who aim to improve guidance on medication adherence but are ‘lost’ in the many strategies that are available. We will identify adherence interventions that match participants personal needs in terms of appropriate for their (1) patient population, (2) preferences (e.g. preference for counselling or e-health), and (3) setting. This discussion will be facilitated by using tools that assess core components of adherence interventions, which can (not) be adjusted to maintain its functionality.

Target audience:

How to successfully choose adherence interventions to implement in daily practice

Learning Objectives:

After the workshop, participants:
- will have know-how on the identification of suitable adherence interventions for their own needs
- will be provided with tools to assess the core components of adherence interventions
- can tailor adherence interventions to their own needs
- have knowledge on barriers and facilitators during the identification of interventions
- will be inspired by experiences of other participants
- will go home with revived energy to implement adherence interventions

Content and Structure:

Introduction (15 min)
The workshop will start with a short introduction round. Next, the concept of unravelling adherence interventions into core components will be presented, which will include an overview adherence interventions and a step-by-step approach to identify suitable interventions for the pharmacy setting (hospital/outpatient/community).
Interactive group work (45 min)
During this interactive group work session participants will be divided into groups of 4 to 6 participants. They will be stimulated to assess the eligibility of various adherence interventions in for different patient (groups). Each group will receive an adherence intervention and a self-created setting from a provided mix of adherence problems, populations, settings, and intervention providers. Main goal of this exercise is to identify core components of interventions that are required for implementation and to assess the eligibility for implementation in a particular setting. Findings from each group will be plenary discussed
Plenary work (60 min)
The final part of the workshop will focus on the identification of adherence interventions for participants own practice. We will specifically focus on barriers and facilitators that participants experience during the identification and implementation of interventions for their local setting. Moderators will pay specific attention to personal experiences and practical issues to ensure that participants will go home with new ideas, applicable interventions, and revived energy.

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