WS14: Planning and running a workshop (ESCP Education Committee)

Moira Kinnear, Honorary Senior Lecturer University of Strathclyde / ESCP SIG Education & Training
Brian Addison, Robert Gordon University,
Vera Jordan-von Gunten, Hopital du Valais Pharmacy


A workshop requires participants to interact with some purposeful activity to achieve defined learning outcomes. Workshops provide an environment for participants to share ideas and learn from each other. Most people learn more from active involvement than from passively listening, therefore talking about a topic, role play or practical sessions are considered valuable learning experiences in clinical pharmacy. It is important to be clear about what can be achieved in a workshop and several factors need to be considered in the design. These include content, learning outcomes, tasks, structure, timing, group size, environment and resources.

Target audience:

The aim of this workshop is to consider tips for inexperienced workshop facilitators to support future planning of successful workshops.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to
• Describe how people learn – The Learning Pyramid
• Prepare a workshop plan including a schedule of activities and learning outcomes
• Create group exercises achievable within a planned schedule and resources
• Describe workshop facilitation skills

Content and Structure:

Introduction (5 mins)
Groups will be provided with copies of The Learning Pyramid for discussion in their groups.
Task 1: Participants will be asked to reflect on previous learning experiences and consider in the context of the way most people learn. (10 mins)
Facilitated discussion: Experiences will be shared across groups. (10 mins)
Task 2: Participants will be asked to share their experiences of workshop facilitation (either as a facilitator or as a participant) and suggest skills required for workshop facilitation (20 mins)
Facilitated discussion: Groups share considerations (10 mins)
Task 3: Each group will be asked to agree the content for a workshop, formulate learning outcomes and design a schedule of activities. (30 mins)
Facilitated discussion: These will be shared across the groups and feedback provided (30 mins)
Summary and close (5 mins)

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