WS17: International collaboration in designing and conducting research studies- ESCP Research Committee Workshop

Daniela Fialová, Head of the University Centre of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Czech Republic
Betul Okuyan, Clinical Pharmacy Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, Turkey


Clinical pharmacists can benefit from knowledge and skills for designing and conducting research for evidence-based practice at national or international levels. Although clinical pharmacists are willing to participate in different research activities, the lack of experience and confidence can be barriers for them to be involved in such research. Good international communication and cooperation between researchers can enhance collaboration and benefit the quality and impact of clinical pharmacy research activities.
This workshop will be welcoming all early career researchers and clinical pharmacists who are looking to have more involvement in the design of research studies and enhance international collaboration. The workshop will give several examples of international studies conducted in the past, or ongoing international research activities, involving researchers from several countries with direct or indirect cooperation of the ESCP. Discussed will be possibilities and barriers for financing research activities, barriers and enhancers for cross-country research cooperation, the importance of skilled coordinating team etc. We invite early-stage researchers and researchers at different stages of their career to share their experience, priorities and future suggestions for clinical pharmacy international research collaboration.
WS contributor:
Vibhu Paudyal
School of Pharmacy, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, Sir Robert Aitken Institute for Medical Research, University of Birmingham, UK

Target audience:

This workshop aims to improve participants’ knowledge on requirements for conducting well-planned international research and on past and ongoing international research projects with direct or indirect cooperation of the ESCP. The aim of the workshop is also to discuss and summarize proposals for international cooperation, review existing barriers and to promote networking of early-stage researchers and senior researchers by providing opportunities to share ideas and experience from different countries and projects.  

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop participants will be able to
• Summarize basic principles on how to design research studies through international collaboration
• State main barriers and enhancers for international research cooperation
• Engage in international research activities and suggest a feasible topic for international research
• Be active in the international research network

Content and Structure:

The outline of this workshop has been planned as follows:
Introduction I- Welcoming of participants and explanation of the aim of the workshop- 5 minutes
Theoretical part- Examples of studies conducted in international cooperation with direct or indirect cooperation of the ESCP, examples of ongoing international research projects (e.g. EUROAGEISM FIP7 project)- 15 minutes 
Small Group Activity I- Brainstorming and sharing experiences of participants on barriers and enhancers for conducting good international collaborative research- group works and discussions- 20 minutes
Small Group Activity II- Interactive study design according to the certain hypothesis by using templates (participants will be asked to interactively design a research study by using templates)- 30 minutes
Group presentations and plenary discussion- 40 minutes
Feedback/ Evaluation of the workshop- 10 minutes

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