WS18: Nutritional intervention with the assistance of a Decision support system by a clinical Pharmacist

Panos Papandreou, SIG Pediatrics
Maria Skouroliakou , SIG Nutritional Support


The increasing amount of medical data has resulted in the need of designing and implementing programs that can collect, manage and evaluate this growing number of information. The modern role of a clinical pharmacist does not only involve providing up-to-date information on drugs and dosage forms, but also to counsel regarding a patient’s general health, lifestyle and nutrition. A holistic approach(disease-medication-nutrition-lifestyle) will lead to better health outcomes. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are tools in the hands of pharmacists that can improve healthcare services, by saving and managing effectively the high volume of data. In particular, a DSS tool is assisting the provision of nutritional and medical assessment in an evidenced based manner.

Target audience:

The goal of the workshop is to review the general principles of nutritional care for adults and children. Pharmacological and nutritional treatment will be discussed focused mainly in the interactions between drugs and nutrients. Furthermore, a Decision Support System that provides nutritional and medical assessment will be demonstrated, as well as how was implemented in a community pharmacy. It involved nutritional and medical assessment, a nutrition diary, nutrients requirements, physical activities calculator, sample diets, setting and monitoring goals. The purpose of the DSS is to assist and function to decrease errors, to increase the time devoted to direct care, to provide continuous quality improvements and to collect data for research purposes, thus promote healthcare services.

Learning Objectives:

• General principles of pharmaceutical and nutritional care
• Nutritional assessment of adults
• Growth assessment of children
• Guidance on basic health conditions (e.g. metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc.)
• Dietary plan
• Management of medical history
• Follow up of patient’s progress

Content and Structure:

The workshop will give an overview in pharmaceutical care. To assist the difficult task of an overall therapy management a Decision Support System (DSS) was adopted. The design and implementation of a DSS will be presented. The association between the use of DSS and continuous quality improvement strategies will be outlined and presented in addition to the power of data collection. Pharmaceutical treatment and nutritional intervention will be analyzed. Data collected from the pilot study will be discussed.

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