WS19: Successful Scientific Writing: original research papers and abstracts. An ESCP workshop.

ELENA GALFRASCOLI, Member of the ESCP Communication Committee. ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, Milano
DANIELA SCALA, Member of the ESCP Communication Committee. Medicina Nucleare. AORN "A. Cardarelli", Napoli.


The results of scientific research are only valuable for society, if they can be shared with others in an understandable written or oral format. There are several possible formats for written information, such as abstracts or scientific articles.
Both writing research papers and conference abstracts can be a challenging experience: there are a number of important aspects that authors should pay attention to, and that will facilitate acceptance.

Target audience:

The aim of the workshop is to make an overview of the most important aspects of writing a scientific article. The first part of the workshop will present the structure of a full research paper and some publication requirements, in order to make participants able to write and judge a scientific paper, and also to select the appropriate journal for the publication.
The second part will focus on some common rules that can increase the participants’ knowledge and skills on how to write structured conference abstracts.
Both parts of the workshop will be illustrated with examples.

Learning Objectives:

After the workshop, the participant should be able to:
Part 1:
- Understand the structure and elements of a quality scientific paper;
- Select an appropriate journal for his publication;
- Understand the differences between the different peer reviewed scientific journals.
Part 2:
- Understand the structure and elements of a high-quality conference abstract;
- Understand the difference between a research and a descriptive abstract;
- Understand how to proceed after an abstract is accepted for presentation.

Content and Structure:

A presentation will introduce participants to the content of the workshop. The reason behind the different sections of full research papers will be explained. The workshop will especially focus on scientific articles in the format for the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy, but most other scientific journals have similar compulsory formats. The participants will discuss examples of scientific papers in smaller groups, focusing on the selection of appropriate journals and important issues about publication..
In the second part, participants will learn how to write a condensed version of a research article and abstracts that get accepted. A lecture mixed with exercises that focused on ESCP expectations for abstracts will be used. Participants will also discuss considerations about submitting abstracts such as authorships and responsibilities.

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