WS3: The Role of Clinical pharmacist in ADR reporting and the use of Web Application

Mina Kovacevic, assist., MSc Clin Pharm
Monika Sonc, assist., MSc Clin Pharm


Pharmacovigilance is very important in terms of patient safety. It allows a better understanding of adverse events and their consequences, detection of risk factors and still undiscovered side effects. It is also important in identifying the safety profile of medicines, updating guidelines for prescribing and use of medicines to ensure their maximum safety and the withdrawal of marketing authorization (if it is based on an assessment of collected data that the benefits of treatment does no longer outweigh the risks). In general there is the problem of underreporting. There are different causes for underreporting, among which are the lack of time, ignorance, indifference and the lack of training in pharmacovigilance. However this could be solved with appropriate web application, because such tools are friendly to use, accessible at any time and provide statistical analysis for all ADRs reported.

Target audience:

The aim of this workshop is to discuss about the role of clinical pharmacists in ADRs reporting and how we can contribute to increase the number of ADRs reports and patient safety. In addition, the aim is to present the information about E-reporting of ADRs and as well the introduction of web application.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:
- identify which information they need for ADRs reporting
- independently enter the ADR into web application
- describe and encourage pharmacist’s role in ADRs reporting
- share experiences and knowledge through group exercises

Content and Structure:

The workshop will be organized as follows:
1. Brief introduction of pharmacovigilance and ADRs reporting – 15 minutes
2. Sharing experiences from different countries (online survey) – 15 minutes
3. Examples of good practice – 15 minutes
4. Introduction of web application for ADR reporting in Slovenia – 15 minutes
5. Case studies and group discussion – 45 minutes
6. Feedback of group discussions – 15 minutes

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